ISBN 978-0-7660-2759-6

Patricia and Fredrick McKissack started out to write just one book for children. But over the last thirty years, they have written more than one hundred books - nonifction, picture books, novels, and more. Learn how they got started, where they get their ideas, and what they have to say to kids who want to be writers. Filled with childhood photos and quotes.

“...numerous photos, many from the authors’ own collections, bring a more personal perspecitve to the figures.”
-The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2009

“Excellent biography of the two well-known authors. The information reads like a well-written story...Excellent resources are included as well.”
-Southwest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries, February 2009

“This wife-husband author team is eminently worthy of inclusion in Enslow’s
Authors Kids Love series....The most rewarding part of the book shares the McKissack’s writing process...This is a valuable book that should inspire young readers and writers.”
-Children’s Literature, February 2009

“Young readers will be able to connect with these fabulous excellent addition to an elementary library’s collection.”
-TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2008

“This will be of great interest to the students who read their books.”
-Killeen Independent School District, August 2008