ISBN 978-0-7660-2757-2

As a boy growing up during the Great Depression, Sid Fleischman loved magic tricks and soon he was running his own business based on sleight of hand. As an adult, he performed a different kind of magic -writing much loved, award-winning books for young readers, including
The Whipping Boy and Escape! The Story of the Great Houdini. Sid Fleischman: An Author Kids Love is based on an interview with Fleischman by Michelle Parker-Rock. Readers can learn all about his childhood, how be became a writer, and how he works, today. In addition, Fleischman shares advice on how kids can become writers themselves. Filled with vintage photographs and personal quotes.

“This lively biography, generously illustrated and attractively designed, informs and entertains as it blends biographical facts with a succinct account of Fleischman’s dual careers as magician and writer...Fleischman’s Jewish heritage is woven into the narrative. Accessible in looks and content to children in the elementary grades...recommended for any library...”
-Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter, Linda R. Silver.

“Sid Fleischman is a fabulous author and a very funny man. He has also had an interesting life - he worked as a traveling magician as a young man. Fans of his work will enjoy learning more about the warm and witty man behind the books.”
-Chris Eboch, Author of Haunted: The Ghost on the Stairs and Haunted: The Riverboat Phantom, December 2009

“Excellent read for a young person interested in the life of a children’s author.”
-Southwest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries, December 2008

“Crisply written, it is filled with personal information, first-person quotations, and informative sidebars...This should be a primary purchase for both elementary and middle school libraries.”
-TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2008