ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3160-9

Joseph Bruchac was raised by his grandparents, who ran a general store; his grandfather was part Abenaki Indian. Over time, Bruchac learned about his Native heritage, and it became the basis for his many books for children, including Children of the Longhouse, Hidden Roots, and Eagle Song. Author Michelle Parker-Rock interviewed Joseph Bruchac, who talked about how he grew up, how he learned to be a writer, what inspires him, and how he works today. He also offers advice to kids who want to write too. Includes many quotes and family photos.

”An inspiring biography.”
-Children’s Literature, August 2009

“Chock full of details not only about Bruchac but his family and background, this book includes many quotes, phots, and great details that really bring Bruchac to life on the page and also help readers understand the forces that motivated him to write and that inform most of his work for children. The next best thing to chatting with Bruchac in person....or perhaps better, since it packs so much in such a small package.
-Joni Sensel, Author of The Farwalker’s Quest and The Timekeeper’s Moon

“Would make an excellent addition to an elementary or
middle school collection.”
-TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2009